Jonathan Thompson

Fine art Lake Tahoe Photographer working with colors from mother Earth.

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Jonathan Thompson is an artist working with the medium of photography, light painting with color from Mother Earth. Jon uses a traditional method as a fine art photographer. He chooses to produce “in camera” single frame captures, utilizing minimal post processing, getting the image right in the field, not in the computer. He works in a pre visualized forum, scouting locations, knowing what he wants from the composition and returning throughout the years when conditions align presenting themselves. Whether it’s an overnighter on a mountain top in the dead of winter, a 6 mile hike into Desolation Wilderness or a roadside classic, Jon will spend years to get what he is envisioning.

Jon’s spark and drive for capturing imagery initiated in his high school photography class dark room learning fundamentals from Martin Hedrick, RIP. After high school Jon’s eye was constantly framing beauty in the landscape surrounding him. Jon has been working on his portfolio with great passion and living in Lake Tahoe for over a decade now. He is excited to travel far and wide to keep capturing the awe inspiring beauty of the world we live in. With some patience, epic light and the right equipment Jon will produce visual therapy for your walls that you will not want to be without.