About Me

Creative Painting of Wilderness


My most recent series “Wilding” has evolved from a question… “I wonder why…” and discusses the intersections of human and wilderness.  Living in a place that is deeply connected to both worlds I’ve watched the way that we as humans crave true connection to something truly Wild, how someone visiting may be surrounded by luxury but be most deeply affected by seeing an osprey’s nest or a bear and her cubs.

The series explores the ways that our human interactions affect and change that environment, as it affects and changes us in turn if we allow it.  “Wilding” is about the conversation between two worlds… and is a growing collection of multi-layered images of wilderness created using distinctly urban materials and techniques.

Previous Auctioned Items

Live Auction June 28th, 2020

15 Amazing pieces where auction live on Facebook.  You can watch the recorded stream from June 28th, 2020.  2 other items where put on silent auction.