Steve Tietze

Lake Tahoe Aerial Photographer



Being born in the 70’s, Steve was lucky enough to grow up with access to some of the first early computers. His fondness for computers began in the 5th grade in Germany, where he was fortunate enough to have a computer lab staffed with Atari 800’s. Steve was intrigued by this box that would bleep and run some very basic programs, and so shortly after he enrolled himself in basic programming.

Steve’s passion for flying drones for over 7 years, in and around the Lake Tahoe basin, has landed his work on TV and several online and print publications. Steve’s vast skill set, with using drone technology, not only covers aerial photography and video, but 3D mapping where he creates 3D models from locations and brings them to life in VR (virtual reality).
One of Steve’s great passions is Burning Man.

He is closely involved with the Burning Man Organization, assisting with various projects, but mainly Fly Ranch and has shot the Fly Geyser numerous times.

Steve has a lengthy background in web development. He not only maintains the Tahoe Art Auctions Website, but an array of many more.

You can check out his work on instagram.

Aerial Photographs of Lake Tahoe and Beyond

Various aerial photos taken in and around Lake Tahoe, If you like one and want a print please contact us.

Live Auction Tuesday November 24 2020

@5:30 pm Pacific

More info here.