Happy Fall and Happy upcoming Holidays!

In light of the season we are thrilled to announce our upcoming auction. For the first time ever in our auction history we will be presenting all four of our resident photographers together- Michael Eadington, Jon Thompson, Michael Bruno and Abe Blair. In addition, Steve Tietze will be joining us for the first time presenting his work in one of our auctions! Each photographer will showcase four of their hand selected prints.

Please RSVP on Facebook Live Auction Event Page.

Here are the details-

The Auction is November 24th at 5:30pm pacific and it will be a live feed via our Tahoe Art Auctions Facebook page.   Bids can be made within the comments section.  If you win the bid, you will be notified within the comments section as well.  Prints can be picked up at either The Collector’s Gallery on the South Shore or The Eadington Gallery in Tahoe City on the North Shore. Shipping is an option as well, but will be at an additional cost.

As the auction title alludes to :-), All prints will be large. Some of the sizes we will be presenting are as follows and will be dependent on the photo- 20×60, 30×60, 40×60 and 30×90.  They will all be on metal.

We will only be offering an edition of four of each image. Best prices will be offered at the live auction, with the opening bid beginning at approximately 70% off.  Any remaining prints within an edition that do not sell in the live auction, will then be available on our Tahoe Art Auctions Website, at a cost of approximately 40% off.

We hope you will be able to join us.  We always love hearing from each of you throughout the live feed and we miss all of you. 


Michael and Lisa Eadington, and the entire Eadington Gallery Family are hoping you all are staying healthy, happy and safe.

Additional Live Auction Details

Date: November 24th
Auction Start Time: 5:30pm pacific time
Location: Facebook Tahoe Art Auctions Page

During the live broadcast you can bid for pieces in the facebook chat. It is recommended you use your desktop browser for the best experience. At times their will be a lag of 5-10 seconds from the time we broadcast to when Facebook displays the feed. If you win a bid you will be notified via the chat.

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Michael Bruno

Michael Bruno is the most recent resident photographer at The Eadington Galleries of Lake Tahoe. Having moved from San Francisco to pursue and develop a hopeful career in photography, he was mentored while working in production, printing and sales at the Tahoe City gallery location. Surrounded by beautiful photos every day, he was motivated to explore and capture the true beauty of the Tahoe Basin through his own photography. more…

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson is an artist working with the medium of photography, light painting with color from Mother Earth. Jon uses a traditional method as a fine art photographer. He chooses to produce “in camera” single frame captures, utilizing minimal post processing, getting the image right in the field, not in the computer.

He works in a pre visualized forum, scouting locations, knowing what he wants from the composition and returning throughout the years when conditions align presenting themselves.

Whether it’s an overnighter on a mountain top in the dead of winter, a 6 mile hike into Desolation Wilderness or a roadside classic, Jon will spend years to get what he is envisioning. more…

Michael Eadington

has been shooting and digitally printing images for the last 20 years. Specializing in wall sized images captured with medium format film, his images grace the walls of residences and commercial properties around the world.
If you have your own image The Eadington Gallery also offers museum quality digital printing and reproduction services. Any film, original artwork or file can be digitized and printed to create your own piece of fine art.

Owner of The Eadington Galleries in Lake Tahoe. The Eadington Gallery hosts the images of master landscape photographer Michael Eadington and offers professional giclée reproduction services. Feel free to contact Mike on our site. more…

Abe Blair

I received my first film camera at the age of 14 before there was such a thing as a digital SLR. Now, over 20 years later, every shutter click is as exciting as the first one. Beginning my photographic career working in the Ski & Snowboard industry chasing the sun and powder with some of the best athletes around the world I learned how to study light and weather patterns through the changing seasons.

Now I use my camera as a painter would use their brush, focusing more on the mood and power of a pre-visualized scene before the camera even comes out of the bag. I want my images to move you emotionally so you can experience the power and beauty that I experienced while studying the scene and capturing the final image. more…

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Steve Tietze

Steve’s passion for flying drones for over 7 years, in and around the Lake Tahoe basin, has landed his work on TV and several online and print publications. Steve’s vast skill set, with using drone technology, not only covers aerial photography and video, but 3D mapping where he creates 3D models from locations and brings them to life in VR (virtual reality).

One of Steve’s great passions is Burning Man. He is closely involved with the Burning Man Organization, assisting with various projects, but mainly Fly Ranch and has shot the Fly Geyser numerous times. more…