Auction June 28th

Painting / Woodwork

The The Eadington Gallery South Lake Tahoe is beyond thrilled to announce the artists for our next auction, Sunday June 28th at 5pm. We will be doing something a touch different this time around, featuring three different artists: Andy Cline – Master Wood Worker, Sara Smith – Painter, Mixed Media Artists and some surprise pieces from Mountain Forge.

Video will be streamed live from this Facebook page and all auction bids will be done via Facebook chat in the video feed!

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Pieces

This section will show the silent auction pieces and allow people to go bid on them.. 


Sara Smith

The creative process allows me to play with relationships… visual, emotional, intellectual, societal. I’m ever curious… always playing, exploring, and stretching my methods, to better express the voice calling through the work. I am inspired by many, many things… the natural world with its curious creatures and marvelous moments, the human experience as we relate to our outer and inner world and to each other, the fascinations of history and the potential of science and exploration, the beauty found in our languages… spoken, written, visual, musical, moving. I strive to connect the dots, to inspire others to see the invisible, feel the ethereal or experience the ‘real’ world in a new way.

Check out Saras full bio here.

Sara's Art Pieces

Any Cline

Andy Cline

Born and raised in Homer, AK, Andy Cline spent his most influential and formative years in an environment where nature clearly served as one’s teacher, guide, and wondrously powerful provider. The wilderness was a constant adventure and inspiring force for Cline, teaching him the profound lesson that all of life’s necessities, both tangible and intangible, can be derived directly from the natural world.

Check out his full bio here.

Andy's Art Pieces